Gap Junctions and Hemichannels: Physiological and Pathological Roles

28 September, 2017

10.00 - 14.30


10.00 - 10.30


Jaime Rodríguez González. Director del Centro de Investigaciones Científicas Avanzadas (CICA). Universidade da Coruña (UDC).

María D. Mayán. Coordinadora del grupo de Investigación CellCOM. Instituto de Investigación Biomédica A Coruña (INIBIC).

10.30 - 14.30


Role of connexin hemichannels in acute and chronic liver disease

Mathieu Vinken. Vrije Universiteit Brussel-Belgium, Belgium

Cx62 and platelet regulation - the new kid on the block

Jonathan Gibbins. University of Reading, UK

Behavioral state instability and respiratory sleep disturbances in the connexin36 knockout mouse

Luis Barrio. IRYCIS, Spain

Neuroprotection of Connexin43 mimetic peptide through the inhibition of glial hemichannel activity mediated by -Src

Arantxa Tabernero. Salamanca University, Spain

12.00 - 12.20  COFFE BREAK

Gap Junction independent effects of Cx43 on actin dynamics and cell migration

Kristin Pogoda. Biomedical Center Munich BMC. Munich, Germany

Growth control of human melanoma cells by exosomal connexin43

María D. Mayán. INIBIC A Coruña. Spain

Deciphering gap junction protein signaling: translating the messages

Trond Aasen. VHIR Vall d’Hebron Research Institute, Spain

Conference venue:

Salón de Actos - Planta 0. Centro de Investigaciones Científicas Avanzadas, CICA. As Carballeiras, s/n, Campus de Elviña. A Coruña

This session is organized in collaboration with the COST Action CA 15214 EuroCellNet "An integrative action for multidisciplinary studies on cellular structural networks"